NBC's "The Voice" loves "Lay Down With Dogs" 

I'm so happy to announce that "Lay Down With Dogs" was used again this past Tuesday on NBC's primetime hit "The Voice".  This is the third time "The Voice" has chosen this cut to set the tone for a scene…Read more

Ken makes History again. 

The History Channel's new American Restoration is making good use of Ken's tunes.  Almost all of the episodes in the new season have featured one or more of Ken's "garage rock" inspired cues.  

Another History Channel favorite, Pawn StarsRead more

Pawn Stars chooses Country Gentleman 

Country Gentleman appeared on last night's new episode of Pawn Stars on the History Channel.  Thanks to the History Channel, Pawn Stars, and American Pickers for playing Ken's tunes two nights in a row in prime time!  

NBC's The Voice chooses "Lay Down With Dogs" again 

Last night Vito Luizzi and Ken's tune, Lay Down With Dogs, was used in one of the coaching scenes on NBC's The Voice.

Recent television sightings for other Ken's Tunes also include several newly released American Picker and Pawn Star…Read more