Roadhouse Roosters release self titled EP 

Roadhouse Roosters just released their first EP called (you guessed it) "Roadhouse Roosters".  The EP features six original blues/rock tunes by singer/guitarist Joel M. Smith.  Recorded and produced by Ken Eichler at Sliding Door Studio, Roadhouse Roosters can be purchased…Read more

Johnny Winter is gone...

...but his spirit lives on in our memories, his recordings and in the licks of thousands of guitarists (myself included) who considered him one of their greatest guitar heroes.

Johnny Winter was my first guitar hero.  In fact the very…Read more

Ken Eichler makes History again, and again, and again...

This past week some of my tunes were used as the musical backdrop in the latest episodes of The History Channel's hit shows: Pawn Stars, American Restoration, and American Pickers.  :-)

I want to thank the academy...hah!


Vito Luizzi breaks his shoulder - plays anyway!

Vito Luizzi knows exactly what kind of winter it's been.  And, every time he tries to lift his arm over his head he is sorely reminded.  Vito broke his shoulder a few weeks back when he slipped on some ice…Read more

"Deep Water" to be released soon.

T. Nicks and I have finished mixing our soon to be released CD, "Deep Water".  The CD will include 13 original compositions featuring Tommy McDonnell, Stephanie Harrison, Greg Mayo and T. Nicks on lead vocals.  Many of the songs are…Read more

Ken Makes It On NBC's "The Voice" 

Ken made it onto NBC's "The Voice" last night - no, not with his singing, but with his instrumental version of "Lay Down With Dogs".  

Other recent placements include CBS's "Criminal Minds", NBC's "Dateline NBC" and "The Carson Daly Show"…Read more

Ken's Tunes Gets A Triple in a Single Night

What do Tickle the Moonshiner and Danny the Count have in common?  Ken's tunes, that's what!  In tonight's episode of our favorite drunk, Tickle, Ken and Vito Luizzi's song "Lay Down With Dogs" was featured in a scene where…Read more

A band with no name...yet. 

Noted drummer Vito Luizzi (Johnny Winter, Blood Sweat & Tears) has teamed up with guitarist Ken Eichler ( to start a blues/rock band featuring original music written by some of the top artists on the New York/Westchester County area.  The…Read more