Ken Eichler releases Crossroads

Ken Eichler released a new version of Crossroads, the Robert Johnson blues classic, featuring Kevin "Dr. C" Crutchfield on vocals, Ken Eichler on guitars and bass, Paul Connors on piano and organ, and Vito Luizzi on drums.

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American Pickers picks Ken Eichler again!

My tunes "Easy Does It"  and "Country Gentleman" were featured last night on the History Channel's "American Pickers!".  Thanks for picking me guys!

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older news!


I just got back from my third Taxi Road Rally in LA where I had the great fortune to meet many terrific folks in the music business.

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Old News


Please check out the latest tunes! Cold Train is a rock/country guitar diddy, the Whistle Song is a slight diversion from my normal stuff but pretty catchy and filled with promise, Diddley Do is a nod to -…Read more