A band with no name...yet. 

Noted drummer Vito Luizzi (Johnny Winter, Blood Sweat & Tears) has teamed up with guitarist Ken Eichler (kenstunes.com) to start a blues/rock band featuring original music written by some of the top artists on the New York/Westchester County area.  The band also features of Ken Skjevland on vocals and harmonica, Paul Connors on piano and guitar, and Larry Forrest on bass.  

Staying true to their roots in rock & roll and blues, Mr. Luizzi and Mr. Eichler have collaborated on many great compositions and recordings over the past few years leading to many significant placements in TV, film, and advertising.  Now they want to take their show on the road becase as Ken says "Very few people are writing good blues tunes these days and no one seems to be doing rock & roll.  You've got the Black Keys who have defined modern blues rock and that's just about it.  We want to infuse our blues with more rock and roll and some humor, too."  Listeners will certainly enjoy the stories, lyrics, and musicianship of this new "old stock" group.

Most of the songs in their repertoire (many featured here on Kenstunes) were either written or co-written by Mr. Eichler.  Other composers include T. Nicks, Joel Smith, Vito Luizzi, Stephanie Harrison, and Daniel Stone.

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