Ken's Tunes hit pay dirt on WFDU and Animal Planet's "Fool's Gold" 

Ken's tunes "Cold Train" and "Lonesome Whistle" were both featured on Christine Vitale's morning show on WFDU radio out of Fairleigh Dickinson University today.  

"Deep Water", the title cut from T. Nicks and Ken Eichler recently released CD, has also received airplay on WFDU several times in the past few weeks.  We give our sincerest thanks to the folks at WFDU for supporting local and independent artists. 

"Cold Train", another cut from the CD "Deep Water", has also been featured recently in many television shows including several episodes of Animal Planet's "Fool's Gold".  

"Lonesome Whistle", written by Joel M. Smith and produced by Ken, first appeared on The Hip Pocket Band "Returns" album and later re-appeared on the Roadhouse Roosters self titled EP.

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