T. Nicks and Ken Eichler release new CD, "Deep Water" 

My good friend and college bandmate, T. Nicks, and I are proud to announce the release of our new CD "Deep Water".  

This album has thirteen great tunes - a little rock and roll, a little blues, a little country...and it features a great lineup of talent, too.  Vito Luizzi, recent inductee into the Blues Hall of Fame, plays drums on 12 of the 13 cuts. Blues Brother Band lead singer, Tommy McDonnell, is lead vocalist on 4 cuts, and so much more.  Really folks, this CD is bound for your "favorites".

CDs and digital downloads can be purchased at CD Baby Music Store.  Also available at iTunes, Amazon, etc.  

"Deep Water" features:

T. Nicks - guitar, vocals, bass
Ken Eichler - guitar, vocals, bass, percussion
Tommy McDonnell - vocals
Stephanie Harrison - vocals
Greg Mayo - vocals
Paul Connors - keyboards
Larry Forrest - bass
Vito Luizzi - drums
Vinnie Conigliaro - drums

All songs written by T. Nicks and/or Ken Eichler (Dan Stone co-wrote Done With You with Ken).

Recorded at Sliding Door Studio, New Rochelle, NY
Produced by Ken Eichler

Really hope you enjoy, thanks!


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